Connectors & Accessories

Q-Flex™ riser

Flexible kink-resistant riser provides a trouble-free solution for connecting drip lines to the submain that won’t kink or move from its place even during trench backfilling.

Built for: Thin-Medium-Heavy walled drip line and PVC, FlexNet and PE sub mains


Fast ring connectors

Fast ring connectors that are designed for ultimate security and ease of use. Their smart conic design makes them tighten when pulled so they never snap off, and you can install or disconnect them fast from the drip line. 

They’re well-suited to a wide range of thin and medium-walled dripperlines

Built for: TWD & MWD between 0.135mm (5.5mil) and 0.8mm (32mil)


Barb connectors

A range of highly durable, UV-resistant barb connectors designed to prevent leaks and withstand harsh climates, chemical fertilizers and everyday mechanical disturbances.

They’re also incredibly user-friendly, and integrate easily with a range of heavy-walled drip lines.

Built for: HWD of 0.9, 1.0 and 1.2mm


Twist lock connectors

Dependable twist lock connectors that are fastened by a nut so they stay connected. But they’re also easy to handle whenever you need to open them.

And because they’re long they make it easy to connect both ends of a damaged subsurface drip line in the event of a crack or burst.

Built for: TWD & MWD between 0.1mm (4mil) and 0.8mm (32mil)



NetFlush™ is a controlled line flush valve for drip irrigation. With NetFlush ™ line flushing is no longer a headache – it’s a job growers can do on the go, keeping their irrigation system debris-free, maximizing irrigation system performance and longevity.


Dr. Zip

Dr. Zip provides easy and reliable connection of an integral dripper to a micro-tube, ensuring precise irrigation across diverse applications like grow containers, potted irrigation, or drop migration prevention.


Manifolds& Adapters

Reliable ripper to micro tube connector fitting device


Dripline Holders

Suspension clips for hanging driplines thus protecting them and ensuring accuracy in sloped irrigation.



Diverse plugs for closing off dripper outlets during initial growing period.


Spikes & Stakes

Featuring a clamp-like (stake) or barb connector end (spike) into which a micro-tube is inserted, our stabilization stakes & spikes ensure accurately targeted irrigation, by delivering the water to a specific point.



Manual Line Flush Valves

Manual Line Flush Valves simplify the folding and unfolding of thin- and heavy-walled driplines during the flushing process.


Automatic Line Flush Valves

Automatic Line Flush Valves are necessary for proper flushing of laterals and improved irrigation system efficiency.


DNL - Driplines Non Leakage

DNL ensures water always remains in the main distribution line, enabling intensive pulsed irrigation in greenhouses, nurseries and orchards, as well as in sloped irrigation.


Pressure Regulators

Our highly accurate regulators designed to ensure uniform pressure and maximum system uptime and maintain continuous non-peak & consistent system pressure.


Pressure Indicators

Based on a simple design, our pressure indicators alert in-field workers regarding water pressure level changes that need to be addressed immediately.