Screen filters

Automatic, semi-automatic and manual screen filters

Netafim ScreenGuard™ screen filters protect irrigation systems from contaminated water, with highly effective filtration area and less back-flushes for optimal uniformity. 


Surface water

Average (20-80 ppm)

Media filters

SandStorm™ media filters protect your irrigation system from heavily contaminated water and sand. High-quality metal media and non-corrosive filters, with modular for easy scalability.


Surface water

Poor (>80 ppm)

Disc filters

Automatic and manual disc filters

Netafim disc filters offer 3 times better filtration efficiency for your irrigation system. Durable, long-lasting and with an efficient backflush process, our disc filters enable better irrigation uniformity


Surface water

Average (20-80 ppm)

Hydrocyclone filters

Centrifugal sand separators

Our cyclone filters are ideal for when you need to pre-filter water with high loads of sand, before passing it through screen or media filters. They’re incredibly easy to operate – so you don’t have to worry about any moving parts. And they’re built to last so your irrigation system is always protected.


Surface water

Good (<20 ppm)